om namah bhagavate vasudevaya


About us

There are too many people to thank, but some effort must be made. First and foremost I should thank my gurus without whom I have no standing, my countless respects go to

Nityalila Srila AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada &
Sripad BV Narayana Maharaja
Sripad BV Madhava Maharaja

In no specific order of priority I would like to thank Pandita Geary, Marcel Landman, Ms Joe Mills, Crispian Mills, Iain MacPhail, Susan Narang (a real angel), Henry Groover, Lucy Touhy, Mark Dunningham, Belinda Budge, Steve Allen, Genius Vandergaag, Hayley Mills, Dave Embleton, Richard Prout, Mark Farmer, Neil Lethby, Charles Donald, the many Panchang investors, Sarah Perkins, Bert & Hilde Mulder, Sudevi Geary, Larli Geary, Rasa Out, Don Julio Sprockel, Richard Beaumont, and countless others who will make it in here as time goes by. Many thanks. Wishing you all auspiciousness... M.G. 2002