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The Independent
"Panchang is a system of astrology from India that helps you act powerfully and get more out of life by boosting your confidence and thus increasing your effectiveness."

Daily Express
"Thinking of moving house? Asking for a pay rise? Or making a move on that guy from accounts? Well, consult your panchang chart before doing a thing. Those extra seconds could make a vital difference. Those who have tried Panchang swear by it and 32,000 people have already logged on to the website to work out what times are best for them."

The Observer
"Panchang is a way for the individual to use timing to their advantage by, for example, calculating the best time to buy or sell property."

Daily Mail
"The latest form of forecasting to be used is Panchang, which uses Indian astrology allied to detailed time planning... Essentially, it is a time-management system... People are using it to select when to make a presentation, to launch a new product or to go for an important interview."

Internet Works
"Your Internet venture is on the verge of being vanquished and your social life is suffering, but don't panic - Panchang may have the solution to your problems."

The Scotsman
"Panchang, the ancient science of Indian astrology, can offer an intriguing insight into what lies behind appearances."

"If you want to be even more successful in your job, it's simply a question of making the most of your day by doing the right things at the right time."

Kindred Spirit
"A sense of the magic that lies in time inspired the ancients to use it wisely. They understood the transformative energies that good timing can release. In the modern world, these same principles can of course be applied very effectively; whether in the pursuit of one's inner development or the alignment of actions that affect a company or a nation, Panchang astrology is a power tool for change, growth and development."

"Panchang takes its origins from the Vedas of ancient India and uses the exact position of the moon, the planets and Western Zodiac signs - in relation to your place and time of birth - to produce a unique astrological chart."