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Michael Geary PhD

He has authored "Panchang Moon Astrology - How to do the right thing at the right time" with Thorsons/HarperCollins which explains how to apply Vedic life balance and harmony principles. The book compliments the dynamic tools found on his web site.

His new book "Moon Astrology for Lovers" is a practical guide on getting the most out relationships and understanding your partner, lover, friend or colleague. It offers a deep, empowering insight into the workings of relationships.
He is a columnist for the Daily Mail, Kindred Spirit Magazine and is a regular guest on radio talk shows including his weekly radio show with LBC London 1152AM.

Michael has 18 years coaching and consulting experience working with thousands of clients from all walks of life. A central theme of his work is "the identification and realisation of client potential and understanding and harmonising with important personal life cycles". His knowledge of astrology and Veda has its foundation in his early years of spiritual work as a monk. 

His clients including people and companies in the arts, media, finance, publishing, shipping and manufacturing industries. He also runs seminars and workshops. His work has been profiled on the BBC, SkyTV, CNN and CNBC.