om namah bhagavate vasudevaya


Examples on the variety of uses for the Time Planner

One of the best ways to test Panchang astrology is the choice of times to leave for travel. This is because the effects of leaving are immediately experienced. You do not have to wait long periods to see if and how the quality of time affects the outcome. In other words the effects of your departure are immediately experienced due to the quick, Mercurial nature of travel.

Positive times lend an influence of stability, swiftness, ease and pleasure to travel. Ancient texts say that if you leave the house under positive and supportive astrological conditions your journey will be safe, fruitful and that you will return home quickly according to your plans.

Your travel begins when you leave the house by setting foot out the door. If possible ensure that you leave during a Green period, and avoid Red periods. Where possible also avoid Dreadful times.

Time qualities that are especially helpful to holidays and pleasure trips include Light, Tender, Fixed and Swift times. Make an effort to pick a day in which you have a high score, or a high score for the specific type of trip you are making.

Time qualities that are helpful here include Swift, Light, Tender and Fixed. Business activity can effectively harness the energy of a Fierce time quality, and on occasion Dreadful, but wherever possible a Dreadful time should be avoided for departing.

Time qualities good for adventure and excitment include the above but with the emphasis on Swift and Fierce times. Always leave in a Green period especially if you are going to be doing dangerous or risky things (hang gliding, mountain climbing etc.). Where possible avoid the 14th lunar day wanning or waxing.