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11 Qualities of Time

Tender quality of timeTender – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is loving, nurturing, sensitive, thoughtful, understanding, compassionate, enlightening, gentle, sweet, artistic, creative, imaginative, supportive, progressive, cooperative, & inspired.

Light quality of timeLight – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is freedom seeking, inspired, energetic, subtle, ephemeral, delicate, positive, upbeat, provoking, mischievous, humorous, flirty & expressive.

Fixed quality of timeFixed – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is grounded, long-lasting, solid, focused, steady, strong, progressive, constructive, loyal, earthy, unswerving, deeply rooted, steadfast and practical.

Swift quality of timeSwift – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is dynamic, energetic, full of movement, creating momentum, motivational, passionate, forceful, vital, inspiring, urgent, active, nervous, chaotic, serendipitous and seeking clarity through action.

Fierce quality of timeFierce – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is sharp, incisive, penetrating, insightful, purposeful, directed, wilful, driven, polemical, competitive, piercing, challenging and striving for meaning and direction.

Dreadful quality of timeDreadful – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is vigorous, intense, directed, abrupt, disruptive, forceful, wilful, combative, changeable, disputatious, wild, sensitive, and challenging.

Mixed quality of timeMixed – Symbolising a tendency of spirit that is intense yet peaceful; energetic but subtle; gentle with a sharp insightful edge; robust but passive; disruptive in a positive way. Also enigmatic, mysterious, elusive &  surprising.

Increasing quality of timeIncreasing - Symbolising a period of time and energy that represents a cycle of growth, encouraging expansion, development, awareness, enhancement, multiplication and longevity.

Decreasing quality of timeDecreasing - Symbolising the need in nature for retreat and regeneration, giving a time and energy that tends toward withdrawl, introversion and consolidation.

Supportive quality of timeSupportive - Times that are generally stable, constructive, harmonious, positive, helpful and balanced. They offer a solid basis for growth, lending strength, durability and purpose to any action begun during its influence.

Challenging quality of timeChallenging - Times that tend to be unstable, disharmonious, disruptive, disturbing and chaotic to various degrees. They are helpful to breakthroughs after breakdowns. Good for dealing with obstacles, problems, or limits. A time that requires self-awareness, temperance, focus and energy.

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