om namah bhagavate vasudevaya


Vedic Astrology Software - Make your own charts

Many of you have inquired about which Vedic astrological software we think is the best. All the astrologers at use Sri Jyoti Star for creating and keeping their client's charts in a powerful database. Some of the key features are listed in the tabs above.  

If you are serious about studying Vedic-Panchang astrology and need professional software to create and store charts, then we recommend Sri Jyoti Star. It has all the features, and all the calculations you need. offers technical support to clients who buy from our site.

Sri Jyoti Star is priced at 220 (inc VAT) which includes a free upgrade to the forthcoming version 4 that offers many new features and a further year's free upgrades - we will keep on providing v4 features as they become available throughout the year.

Immense value for money, Sri Jyoti Star has all the features, bell and whistles you will ever want from professional level astrology software.

All purchases are 100% money back guaranteed!