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How do I get the most out of the Time Planner?

Introduction - "How is it built, and how does it work?"

"The Time Planner is a tool that simplifies for the non-astrologer the numerous astrological factors that the astrologer analyses to understand the "time quality" of any given moment..."

1. Read the "Quality Indicator" numerical score -

This is an aggregate numerical value (total value) of all the major transiting astrological conditions...

2. Read the "Quality of Time" text

The Quality of Time text describes the subtle, but tangible nature of time quality for the period related to any score.

3. Read the "Power Principle" text

This is practical coaching text on how to mentally approach the selected time period, and is in two sections...

4. Select a Green or Yellow time if possible for best results

The Green, Yellow and Red bar on the right of the agenda are used both as a "failsafe" and as a "support"

5. Summary

So ideally in selecting a day for an important activity you will want to...