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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is it?
An online astrological diary, based on your unique astrological chart, that lets you look ahead to find the best days and times for you. Panchang is an ancient science that says that time is an energy – an energy that has changing qualities that are helpful or troublesome. Knowing when to synchronise your actions with good times helps you reduce obstacles and increase your chances for success. Panchang makes it easy for you to know what days and times are good for you, and which ones may cause problems.

How's it work?
Panchang is accurate ancient Vedic astrology applied to the practical needs of your day-to-day life. It calculates your chart in all its complexity and compares it to the changing astrological conditions of any moment in time according to where you are located. Panchang is Moonsign astrology and is a Sanskrit word that means “five divisions” indicating the five major astrological factors that are considered when selecting a time that is auspicious for you.

How accurate is it?
With regular use over a little time Panchang proves itself. Many have put it to the test and report its consistent accuracy. The founders of have years of experience helping thousands of clients with Panchang astrology, and since the launch of the website in July 2000 tens of thousands of users praise its quality, accuracy and reliability. To encourage you to put it to the test we offer an unconditional money back guarantee for any current purchase if you are not satisfied.

Whats in it for me?
In short and after a little use: less effort, less stress, peace of mind, greater control of your actions, better outcomes for your efforts, harmony with your environment, smoother relations, increased confidence, and the adventure of discovering one of nature’s best kept secrets.

How should I use it?
Try it for at least three months. Plan your important actions to synchronise with good days and times. Panchang is definitely experienced. A few practical tips are:

  • Plan ahead. Read about the days ahead. Check your scores and make a note of the best times to act.
  • Synchronise your actions with the best times. The time you "start" is what's important.
  • Think big, and use it for what's important. Don't sweat the small stuff. 20% of your efforts pay off 80% of your best returns.
  • Use it often. You will notice how the patterns of success unfold.
  • Play and have fun. It has loads of features. Click on everything! Almost every graphic or coloured bar changes the text letting you read about the time period.
  • Ask us to help you! We want you to benefit from Panchang, so feel free to email, phone or fax us. We are glad to help.

What do I get?
Your subscription gives you full access to the Panchang Time Planner and your daily email report (opt in). Its packed with features that make it easy to find what days and times are best for you. The features include:

  • See the future with the ability to look ahead as far as you like
  • Add as many cities as you like to your personal database. Panchang is also based on where you are located on the Earth.
  • Daily score and smiley icons tell you how strong or weak the time is for you
  • Detailed text description for every day – every astrological time period
  • Coaching advise text on how to make the most of every day
  • Best (most powerful) times for anyday
  • Day agenda and Month views
  • Graph view of week’s highs and lows – as far in the future as you like
  • Database of over 300 lifestyle activities – letting you find the best day and time for these
  • Activity portfolio – set up your 10 most frequently used activities
  • Activity search engine – seach the future for the best day and time for any of the 300 activities – the world’s first astrological search engine
  • Diary/agenda that lets you keep track of appointments, todos and tasks
  • Buddies - keep tabs on your friends. Are they having a good day? Check their scores, and send them FREE Panchang reports and products.
  • SMS Mobile text, and email reminders about your important appointments
  • Daily personalised report emailed to you – including the most of the above according to your geolocation
  • SMS text notification of astrological time quality changes
  • FREE Product Tryouts, and discounts on Panchang special offers.
  • …and much more including a 100% money-back-guarantee for any current purchase

Why should I try it?
To experience time in a new way; to see the subtleties of nature in action; for discovery; curiosity; fun and loads of practical benefits. Or to just test it if it works... 

Who else uses it?
Actors, teachers, business people, pop stars, financial managers, frequent flyers, working mothers, artists, students, bankers and brokers… just about anyone who is keen to make the most of their time and energy.

Does it really work?
Yes it does. Especially for the big things, like travel, romance, finance, visiting the dentist, exams, interviews, starting new projects etc. Panchang reveals how the subtle conditions of time help create the vibration of our surroundings. By synchronising ourselves with positive times our lives are helped in practical, tangible ways.