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Time Planner

What are the simple steps to getting the most from my Time Planner?

Step One
What is your score? (Located in the left navigation bar under your name). Is it:

  • High (2.00 to +10);
  • Average (-3.00 to 2.00) or
  • Low (-3.00 to -10) ?

Your score is a quick reference of the big picture for the time period, and is a number from -10 to +10. It gives you a good idea of how strong your time is now. Remember, that its general and especially helpful when starting your important actions. Your score appears in other parts of the Time Planner.

Step Two
Do you have more than one time quality period that day?
There is a dark blue bar on the left of your day agenda. Each segment shows your score for the period it marks. For accuracy pass your cursor over the segment to see when the period begins and ends. Remember that the time periods and scores maybe different if you go to another city. You can change your location using "Location <Edit>" on the left hand navigation bar.

Step Three
What is the nature and quality of the period?
To find out read the text under Quality of Time. This will tell you in detail if the day is easy going or challening. The Power Principle text tells you if the time is helpful to you and gives you tips on how to make the most of it.

Step Four
Do you have a low score, or is it a challenging day - and you have something really important to do?
Use the Red-Green-Yellow bar on the right of your agenda. Just like traffic lights the time periods will be very helpful (green="go), " neutral (yellow="proceed" with awareness) or challenging (red="stop)." Use the green and yellow periods and try to avoid the red periods for starting important actions - like travel, meetings etc. Use this if you have a high or low score, but especially with a low score.