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Moonsign Report

You do not have to re-enter your birth details if you have already entered them during your current browser session OR if you have registered or subscribed to one of Panchang’s other products.

If not then you must first enter: your date, place and time of birth to the nearest hour. If you don’t know the exact time, choose the nearest reliable time. After entering the data the system calculates your chart and displays your report, which includes, your:

Moon Sign – This is the astrological sign in which your Moon is placed. Panchang Vedic astrology uses a sidereal zodiac so you may find that your report places in the previous sign than the one you are used to. Click here to read about the sidereal zodiac.

Constellation – this is the constellation or lunar mansion in which your Moon is placed. The name here is given in Sanskrit. The Sanskrit name for constellation is nakshatra.

Greek name – this is the common Greek name of the nakshatra or constellation in which your Moon is placed.

Nature – there are seven different natures associated with the various constellations. These are Tender, Light, Fixed, Swift, Fierce, Dreadful and Mixed. The nature of the constellation in which your Moon is placed will add colour and symbolically represent the expression of your emotional nature.  It is worth clarifying that these names should not be taken as a literal summation of your emotional nature. You can read more about their symbolism in the book Panchang Moon Astrology.

…and report headers and descriptions…

What it reveals about you…

Each report has a number of headers that describe a part of your character. How much or how little each of these qualities manifests is dependent on both your life experience (behavioural influences) and astrological life cycles that currently influence you.

By purchasing the full report you can read in detail the descriptions of all the header texts listed at the bottom of the free version of your report.

Click here to be taken to your report.