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Books by other authors

Vedic cosmology from a scientific perspective Mysteries of the Sacred Universe - by Dr Richard L Thompson
A lucid explanation of the complex and sometimes confounding Vedic cosmological model. Ample reference to both authentic Vedic astrological/astronomical texts as well as to current scientific views of the universe within the context of a laudable effort to reconcile the two. Excellent reading for those interested to explore Vedic astrology. Complete with a very cool interactive multimedia CD.

Vedic Astrology for Western Astrologers  Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer
A good introduction to the subject in an approachable language. I read one criticism of the book that said it was not comprehensive - but in all fairness what book ever written about this vast subject has covered everything. A very good first step, especially if you have some knowledge of the basics of western astrology.

The Art of Hindu Astrology The Art and Practice of Ancient Hindu Astrology
James Braha demonstrates the need for synergy between astrological theory and experience. The book provides students with the knowledge necessary to gain a quantum leap in predictive accuracy. Techniques that work are distinguished from those that are mediocre, inconsistent, or unreliable. Originally designed for intermediate and advanced students, beginners who study an introductory chapter can easily follow this lucid text, saving years of frustration and confusion. Over fifty horoscope examples are included as well as numerous lists demonstrating how to prioritise the myriad positive and negative aspects of analysis that challenge every astrologer.

Astro-logos Astro-Logos: Revelations of a Hindu Astrologer
One reader on Amazon comments, "If you want to know where Vedic Astrology is coming from this is the book for you. It does not explain the technicalities Vedic Astrology, but is more about the author's spiritual search and how in dealing with life's problems he found help through the wisdom of the Vedas. It also highlights the possibilities of Vedic Astrology.

Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science: An Investigation into the Nature of Consciousness and Form by Dr Richard L Thompson
A heady, challenging but fascinating work on the concept of consciousness and its development from a mathematical analystical perspective. Great if you are into that sort of thing. Helpful if you have a background in theoretical mathematics. In short Dr Thompson considers the mathematical probability of consciousness evolving from matter!